Kundalini Meditation Intensive Testimonials




Transformative, the meditations were life changing.

Jeannie B., MI


During the workshop I had several profound experiences. As Marty touched my third eye I felt a warm loving energy move through my upper chakras and flow into my heart. Later in the meditation, I felt a presence behind me and pressure on my shoulders as if someone was touching me. After the workshop was over and people were beginning to leave, I was sitting quietly with my eyes open when suddenly there was a golden light in the room. I felt myself begin to float away and tears welled up in my eyes. I told Marty that I was having some kind of experience. He said just go with it. So I did. I felt a huge release of emotional energy followed by a sense of bliss and peace. I experienced we are all one....just surrender to source.

Sally T. Ohio


When Marty touched my third eye area, the energy went right up my spine to my third eye and I was bathed in a bright white light and remained there for who knows how long.  After the workshop back at home, I felt more still and connected inside, without the usual mind chatter; and life felt more like an easeful flow. I really appreciated the relaxed and safe atmosphere during the workshop, which was created by Marty’s pure, open authenticity and humor. During the meditations, the silent stillness was profound.

Julia F. Sedona


I felt during one of the meditations my hands pulsing with warmth. I placed my hands on my heart and felt the warmth suffused into an embodied sense of compassion.

Jeff G. Utah


Felt like my body was dissolving during meditation. Such a deep connection to source. Calm, healing and exciting energy moving through.  Incredible dreams and manifestations in between retreat days and before retreat.

Rachel G. Arizona


This amazing experience is for anyone who would like to take their meditation to the next level.  I left lighter, something shifted for me and I felt beyound blessed for the opportunity to be part of this retreat. I experienced a vibration that started where Marty placed his hand and went down to my root chakra.  I know it was something leaving me that I didn't need to hold on to. As Marty said, "it left me." The enviroment was very calm and nuturing surroundedby a healing energy.  Marty's stories and sense of humor brought a lightness. It was an amazing experience that I took home and can hold on to.

Susan L. Arizona


Calm, safe, soothing,, essence of love permeates room.

Diane D. Tuscon


After Marty's chanting and touch I felt so "still" it was amazing. At the same time my arms felt like I could not move them. This stillness and presence is with me now. The Kundalini Intensive experience was a beautiful, sweet heart opener. For me this intensive was a day and a half spent in encouragement and freedom. Encouraged to a new place - no pressure, no rigid rules. Marty's authenticity, openness and his emphasis on being kind to yourself gets the mind set for acceptance of self and others. The chanting was transporting while the energy in the room was safe and supporting. thank you Marty and MM.

Linda S. Sedona


This was the most inspiring and awakening workshop I have attended. I felt amazing shifts during the first day and especially the evening through and between the two days of class, including some powerful dreams. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, and the many inspiring personal experiences, the humor and Marty's humble and non-judgmental approach. This workshop was transforming through simplicity, consciousness and peacefulness. Fantastic, a must do!

Dave R. Portland OR


Receiving Marty's touch was blessing enough, but the most remarkable and amazing gift came afterward. On Tuesday afternoon the energy, which had remained fairly intense intermittently, somehow coalesced and balanced into a strong beautiful flow in which I experienced an amazing sense of peace and joy and connection.  I basked in it for about four hours. I am very grateful for the experience and although I do not experience that intensity now, my energy and perception seem to have shifted to a higher or more refined level.

Karol D. Austin TX


Peace and serenity reigned at this meditation retreat.  The energy within the room was pure love.  Marty's insight, wisdom and touch opened my heart to the divine oneness.

Sandi W. Phoenix AZ


The second day I felt my whole body was vibrating, a buzz of energy humming around me, feeling alive and ready to take on the world and follow my dreams. Marty's inspiring stories and shameless self-disclosure give me the courage to share my own stories. It feels so comforting to share the human experience like this - to feel OK with my own craziness, mistakes, and insecurities. In this way Marty helps dislodge the feeling of separation which causes so much suffering. I have been experimenting lately with revealing myself to the world, and now I feel like I can do this!

Melissa K. San Diego CA


My first meeting with you was one of your 45 minute silent meditations in Sedona and I was “blown away”.  It was not only the quiet that attracted me but something else, namely, your physical presence!  I then read your books and got a completely new insight in consciousness as it applied to my scientific, analytical mind and neglected heart.  I was fortunate to attend one of your Kundalini Retreats which has changed my life.  Serenity has replaced my thoughts, happiness has replaced the old needs to be right all the time.  I will be forever grateful to you.

Jim D. Texas


Marty was supportive and non-judgmental as well as informative.  What I appreciated most was to learn more about kundalini and to allow its expression from within.  I felt the energy move the body and comfortable to allow its expression. I felt my heart open more and felt its expansion.

Michele G. Cottonwood AZ


Over the last two and a half years, I've been blessed by being able to attend numerous daily meditation sessions with Marty. I started meditating 40 plus years ago and have always appreciate the deep calm still place that Marty brings with him to those silent meditation sessions, so it didn't surprise me when he easily and effortlessly started explaining and simplifying kundalini meditation. I left with a deep sense of inner calm, a greater understanding of kundalini meditation, the tools in the form of mantras and sage advice to cultivate my beginners mind and let go of expections. I received exactly what I needed. Thank you Marty!

Mark M. Sedona


The Kundalini Intensive was wonderful. I loved the touching process Marty did. An awakening to a deeper meditation process.

Dr. Del H  Arizona


"Come with an open heart, a beginners mind and the sincere desire to

experience your divinity."

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