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About Martin Birrittella

           Martin Birrittella is an American entrepreneur, inventor and the co-founder, chairman and CEO of two multi-million dollar companies he took public, in 1988 and 1993, Ryka Inc and Aerial Assault Inc.   
            From the time he was 20 years old and had a powerful kundalini awakening  he knew that an all encompassing unified field of love was omnipresent and surrounding him at all times.  He retired from all business activities at age 41 to pursue continuous meditation. He is an captivating storyteller and presenter. Having lived in India and managing an ashram in the US during the late 70's, he has practiced meditation and self-inquiry for over 40 years. His theories and published works are on the cutting-edge of conscious thought philosophy. He attended Cornell University school of engineering and is a holder of multiple patents and is a recognized self taught primitive naive artist who no longer paints but spends full time helping and inspiring others.  He lives in Sedona, Arizona with his wife, and author, Sarah McLean.  He hosts free silent meditations twice daily at the McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona.  All are welcome.







Thought is the object.


Desire is the Diety.


Dance with joy let the mind take a seat.


Celebrate with joy on the grave of not knowing.


Fear of love keeps the mind from its source.


The mind is a gambler with no hand to play.


Winners and losers -love is the best friend of both. 


Mind is two Love is one.


Understanding anything hurts.


Suffering is an illusion in the Field of Love.


Duality, what fun without an “I”.


The mind runs a scam on itself and calls it knowledge.


Karma’s a bitch, only if you have a future.


The mind and reality both make believe.


Accept what is. Embrace what isn’t.


Reality What a concept!


When they judge me I see how silly my mind is to think they shouldn’t.


How do I know I’m delusional, I just had the thought.


I’m out of my mind- how fortunate is that.


Knowing feeds the mind-- not knowing quenches the heart.  


Great story! Did it really happen anywhere but in your mind?


The world is your mind love it all.


Buy me a love ticket in the theatre of illusion.


You are the object of your thought.


The present moment is an illusion of a past that wasn’t real.


“I am the body” I don’t think so.


Worship at the temple of not knowing.


embrace your thought, without it only love only you.


What’s my hearts desire? Just ask. It already knows.


Religion is the graffiti of illusion written on the wall of the heart.


The mind is a con man in a search of itself .


“I’ll be right back” is the epitaph of love on the tombstone of the heart.


Love runs hot and cold. I’ll take it any way I can get it.


Pain is love calling for itself.


Desires drown in the waters of the Field of Love.


No thought No pain.


Your thought that reality is not okay is what hurts.


Letting go of thought intoxicates the heart.


Live the heart not the mind.


I love my story Now drop it.


I’m here for the love of you in me.


Knowing creates the pain of separation in the Field of Love.


The mind is the ticket to an imaginary heaven.


When you lose you win because love embraces the loser.


Love blooms in the fragrant field of not knowing.


God is everything! So are you. How easy is that?


I am my mind okay tell me another story.


Be Kind to You.


Thought is the deity.


Anger and sadness are rhythm and beat dancing in the field of lov.


Desperation is a mind trying to control bodies and feelings.


Forgiveness is a false currency in an illusion of separateness.


The minds paints should and shouldn’t on the canvas of love.


Forgive you and them for you know not what you do.


Projection is a mirror image of a mirage.


Find the “i” who practices present moment awareness.


Your reflection is a love story in a sweet dream.


Love swallows the mind.


Sin is an “I” fooling itself."


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