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Field of Love: How to Experience the Field 


Field of Love: How to Experience the Field, illuminates Martin's direct awakenings and experiences of transcendence, as well as his intimate processes, which are the catalysts to transform and catapult us into the realm of oneness. Through his knowledge, wisdom, and willingness to share, he inspires us to connect with this unified field of love, within and all around us.


In this book you will learn to:  


Live as the Field of Love

* Merge with all objects around you

* Identify with and become Source

* Use techniques to center you in the present moment

* Unearth the one thing that keeps you from experiencing the field

* Let go of limiting beliefs

* Awaken your Kundalini

* Surrender to the your blissful Divinity


   196 pages

Field of Love: Power Love & Fortune on the Road to Enlightenment

ISBN 978-0-9899764-0-4


A true story a young boy who enters the seminary with the dream of becoming a priest, but transforms into a multi-millionaire entrepreneur who never abandons his heart’s desire to commune with the divine. 


 This compelling story of love, fortune and mystical transcendence takes him on adventures many times around the world where he is met with everything from guns ,  gurus to venture capitalists and prostitutes.. Humorous, shocking, and joyful, the result is one magnificent expression of what he calls the Field of Love .  


548 pages

Field of Love: Without This Thought...Who Am I?


     In Field of Love:Without this thought...Who am I? Martin Birrittella discusses self-inquiry along with his FREE Process technique to free the mind and the soul. Self-inquiry is a spiritual practice which has gained popularity over the last 100 years. This is largely due to a book titled Who am I? written by an Indian sage, Ramana Maharshi.

      The FREE Process is an expanded version of this same "Who am I?" inquiry, and includes additional questions which prompt the release of repressed and suppressed thoughts, feelings and identifications. This process frees the mind's limited self-imposed beliefs, and allows the mind to be receptive to the inquiry, "Without this thought, who am I?" When this inquiry is done with true intention a feeling of unqualified freedom is experienced as the mind sinks into its source, the Heart.

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