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Field of Love

Martin Birrittella Field of Love



              Field of Love

  Power, Love & Fortune on the Road           to Enlightenment a True Story


 A true story a young boy who enters the seminary with the dream of priesthood but ends up becoming  a multi-millionaire entrepreneur who never abandons his heart’s desire to commune with the divine. 

 This compelling story of love, fortune and mystical transcendence takes him on adventures many times around the world where he is met with everyone from gurus and gun-toting devotees to venture capitalists and prostitutes. Humorous, shocking, and joyful, the result is one magnificent expression of what he calls the Field of Love .

548 pages.

Praise for Field of Love

"Enlightening, shocking, funny and mind blowing experience!"

JD Messinger, former CEO of Ernst & Young Consulting Singapore and #1 Amazon best selling author of 11 Days in May: The Conversation That Will Change Your Life 


"Field of Love is a disarmingly intimate glimpse into the profound process of spiritual awakening."Regina Meredith, Host , Founder Conscious Media Network

“Birrittella’s passionate narrative, always intensely personal, is living evidence of the powerful call of this Field for us all.  This book is a must read for all who find themselves on a quest to awaken and realize their highest Self and Life.”

 Ashok Gangadean- Margaret Gest Professor of Global Philosophy Haverford College

        Founder-Director of the Global Dialogue Institute


Martin Birrittella has written a candid and intimate account of his fascinating spiritual journey. A page turner that keeps you riveted from start to finish. 

- Corrine Champigny, co-founder, CEO Global Watch Foundation 


 "Martin Birritella exposes a raw journey of spirit that has what others lack: blood, sex, money, and most of all, honest-to-goodness heart. .You could live five lives and still not find a story as intriguing as “Field of Love.”

Dennis Andres, Lecturer and best selling author of Sedona:: The Essential Guidebook 


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